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origin of the Universe



protons and neutrons

photons and neutrinos

dark matter and dark energy

primordial overdensities

Big Bang


Early cosmic inflation

Stars and Galaxies

Milky Way Galaxy


Solar System






Ice Giants

Trans-Neptunian Objects

Asteroid Belt

Moons and Rings

Earth and Geobiosphere

Ocean Science Quest

Darwin In the Garden

Origin of Life

Diversity of Life

Complexity of Life

Organism Life Cycle

Ecosystem Evolution

Ecosystem Life Cycle


Brains and Tools

Brain Structure

Brain Cell Building Blocks

Brain chemistry and neuroplasticity

Brain Development

Brain Evolution

Brain Emergent Properties


Brain Life Cycle


Tools to expand sensory powers

Tools to expand physical powers

Tools to expand mental powers

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Selection

Socio-economic Evolution



Darwin Days

We are planning two special events to celebrate Darwin's 210th birthday in the month of February. First is a series of short talks by the biology faculty at 7 pm on Thursday February 7 in room 192-106 of the Engineering IV building. Second is a "Darwin in the Garden: A walk through time" at 3 pm in the Leaning Pine Arboretum starting at the Cal Poly Plant Shop. Details are in the flyer below which you can download as a pdf at DarwinMonthflyer.

We have a new brochure that you can download: DarwinGardenBrochure. It is designed to be printed on both sides of 11x17 paper, flip on short side, and folded in half twice so that the picture of Darwin is on the front. It may be possible to print it on a smaller paper size if necessary.

the original 2009 bicentennial "Darwin in the Garden" posters are at DarwinGarden

details TBD


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